Testimonials There is no greater measure of our success than recommendations from the families we serve. Entrusting someone else to care for your children is a decision not to be taken lightly, and we are honored that so many families over the years have chosen us. When parents who were once children in our [...]


Our Staff


Linda AlumbaughDirector of Child Services Linda has been a part of Josie's Learning Center since 1988. Throughout her time at Josie's she has been both a toddler and preschool teacher, eventually making her way to childcare director. In addition to overseeing the childcare, Linda is also program manager for ECEAP. In her off time, Linda [...]

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Update about the COVID – 19


VISITOR AND FAMILY NOTICE We do not currently have a confirmed case of Corona Virus in the building. We did have a resident, while in the Hospital for a condition unrelated to the Virus, test positive for the Virus while in the Hospital. After talking with the Health Department and the CDC, we have implemented [...]

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What Josephine Caring Community is doing about the Coronavirus – COVID 19


What Josephine Caring Community is doing about Coronavirus – COVID 19 Josephine Caring Community is taking this outbreak as well as all outbreaks, flu, or illness very seriously. The Leadership Team is monitoring the CDC website constantly to ensure we are up to the minute on any changes in recommendations. The facility has self-imposed increased [...]

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2019.06 (SST-CEO)- Expanding Services


Josephine Expanding Services Josephine At Home We are now licensed as a Home Health agency.  Salina Moore, RN is now onboard as clinical director.  Josephine At Home is in the process of formulating a variety of services.  We will be providing as little as a once a month “Wellness” check to full time care at [...]

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2019-06 (PC)- You Make Me So Happy


“You Make Me So Happy!” It was probably a year since I’ve heard her say anything.  Don’t get me wrong, she always seemed content as she sat in her recliner.  When I took the extra time to make eye-contact with her, she always smiled back at me.  At least her silence was not because of [...]

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2019-05 (SST)- Go Where You Go


Respect Enough to Go Where You Go “Peter said to Jesus, ‘Lord, I am ready to go with you...” (Luke 22:33)—and then “...the cock crowed” (Luke 22:60).  I love the disciple Peter.  He tries so hard.  His heart is always so willing.  Even though he is not able to carry out his hopes—at least he [...]

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2019.04 (SST-CEO)- Changing Landscape


Sunshine Times Article from our CEO, Terry Robertson April-May 2019   The nursing home picture has become increasingly bleak since 2017.   I have heard some of our community members are frustrated that we have not yet begun to build a new nursing home out of the flood plain.  Unfortunately due to the increasingly significant disparity [...]

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