2019-06 (PC)- You Make Me So Happy


“You Make Me So Happy!” It was probably a year since I’ve heard her say anything.  Don’t get me wrong, she always seemed content as she sat in her recliner.  When I took the extra time to make eye-contact with her, she always smiled back at me.  At least her silence was not because of [...]

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2019-05 (SST)- Go Where You Go


Respect Enough to Go Where You Go “Peter said to Jesus, ‘Lord, I am ready to go with you...” (Luke 22:33)—and then “...the cock crowed” (Luke 22:60).  I love the disciple Peter.  He tries so hard.  His heart is always so willing.  Even though he is not able to carry out his hopes—at least he [...]

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2019-05 (PC)- Save the Date!


Save the Date @ Josephine...! Dear Partners in Christ, Let me draw your attention to a new section that we added to our website (www.josephinecc.com).  We now have an “Events” section that intends to keep folks informed of events that are significant to life here at Josephine Caring Community.  I invite you to check it [...]

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04-2019 (PC)- “Dignity in Cleanliness”


PC Article: April 2019   Dignity in Cleanliness Dear Partners: A seminary professor of mine once shared with us his all-time least favorite word: “just.” He hated when students said, “I’m just a student” or “I’m just a freshman.”  From his standpoint, God made us uniquely us and with our special set of gifts—so why [...]

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PC Article: 03-2019


Partner Church Article: March 2019    “Bingo!” Dear Partners: I went to an elder care conference one day and there was an off-the-cuff comment three deadly “B’s” that facilities should stay away from because they were overdone are passé.  It wasn't the main points of the presentation so I didn't take the time and energy to [...]

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