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Meet your Chaplains @ Josephine... Your Josephine Chaplains are here to serve you!  Our team will help you engage the love of God through a variety of faith traditions, genders, voices and gifts for the good of our whole community— residents, children, staff, caregivers, and church partners.  Let us [...]

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We Offer


Spiritual care we offer @ Josephine... Worship Many residents are unable to go to a church anymore for worship.  Our person-centered care drives us to give them this opportunity right here in the building!-- not once, but twice a week: Hymns & Devotions (every Wednesday) @ *10:30a- Memory *1:30pm- Chapel *3:00- Suites [...]

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Our Approach


Our Partners Care Teams We Offer Spiritual Care: Home Our Spiritual Care Approach...   Person-Centered Spiritual Care Your Josephine chaplains practice a "journey with" approach to care here.  Each person we care for here is seen inherent valuable because we are all made in the image of God.  If that is [...]

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Chaplains @ Josephine


Chaplain Andy joined the Josephine staff in 2010. He is rostered with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Before joining Josephine, he was called to 12 years in Youth & Family Ministry-- serving first in Bellingham and then on Bainbridge Island. Josephine has given him a renewed passion in preaching as he [...]

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