Spiritual care we offer @ Josephine…


Many residents are unable to go to a church anymore for worship.  Our person-centered care drives us to give them this opportunity right here in the building!– not once, but twice a week:

Hymns & Devotions (every Wednesday) @

*10:30a- Memory

*1:30pm- Chapel

*3:00- Suites

Sunday Worship @

*1:30pm- Chapel

*3:00p- Suites

*4:15p- Memory

Our services are open to all.  We celebarate the Eucharist/Holy Communion on the first Sundays of each month– and privately by request through our chaplains.  Roman Catholics coordinate with the chaplains to receive weekly Eucharist by eucharistic ministers from St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church, Stanwood.

Our Benevolence

Bible Study

Just like they would get in a church, residents and caregivers are offered a chance to study the scriptures:

Tuesdays @ 1:30p (3:00p – Suites)

We are currently following a 3-year lectionary cycle along with other local churches.  Since the texts are the same ones which will be used on following Wednesday and Sunday at worship, residents will have had a chance to study the texts and then to hear them preached on during the week as well.  Since the chaplains are on a rotation, different voices and perspectives might also be offered through this rhythm.


One of the unique aspects of our community is the cross-generational opportunities that are available– and in our spiritual care work as well!  Once a week, residents who desire the opportunity can meet with children in ministry with the chaplain– as we sing, pray, read, and share together:

Thursdays @ 9:30a & 10:30a

Studies have shown that the mental connections between elderly and children are quite compatible.  Hugs are freely given and can really make your day!

…and for those who are bed-ridden…

Prayer, conversation, confession, and laughter can be on tap for those who need some one-on-one pastoral care.  Please let us know (x-215 or tell a staff person to contact us) if you are experiencing some kind of crisis so that we can best prioritize care for the whole community.