There is no greater measure of our success than recommendations from the families we serve. Entrusting someone else to care for your children is a decision not to be taken lightly, and we are honored that so many families over the years have chosen us. When parents who were once children in our program return years later with their children in tow, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to inspire and nurture another generation of Stanwood-Camano families.

Both of my kids grew up at Josie’s from 3 mo, to toddler and preschool. It was like their second family. The staff love the children and follow a thorough curriculum. The kids also loved being a light in the lives of the “grandpas and grandmas”. It is difficult leaving your kids at daycare, but Josie’s is a place you can trust.” – Abby L, former Josie’s family

I have had my kids at Josie’s since 2007, from infant to school age. I feel blessed that I was able to find care for my children in such a loving environment. My oldest is a teenager now and she still has find memories of her days at Josie’s. It’s a great place for kids to learn and grow and I am so thankful. – Annaka G, former Josie’s family

All four of my kids have all gone to Josie’s daycare, starting nearly 13 years ago! My son who is now 15 first attended while I was a new employee of Josephine and he was only 3 years old. Throughout the years (a set of twins and another kid later), I was overjoyed to have a place that was consistently run well and who treated my kids like family. For me, to see the same “teachers” and daycare director(s) and build the close relationships I did with them was a welcoming feeling. As a healthcare worker there were many times where my hours could be unpredictable and I knew I could shoot Breanne, Tina, or Linda a text who would respond promptly with a “no problem, see you when we see you”. Even after I was no longer an employee at Josephine and was working at another facility I continued to keep my kids at Josie’s where I knew there were people I trusted, consistent structure, and a mutual respect for those (few) times I would be “that Mom”….

With the stay-at-home order my youngest (Now 5) began staying home with her older siblings & dad so she unfortunately no longer attends Josie’s. Despite that fact, we have continued to receive work packets from the Montessori program for her to do, or even a quick message to check in on her. She truly misses her teachers, frequently referring to them as her “best friends” as she enthusiastically tells me stories about various conversations or things she was taught by them. I appreciate the ongoing open communication the entire time any one of my kids were taken care of by Josie’s, in addition to the time they spend year after year finding new ways to engage the kids. If I had to recommend any daycare or a place for school age kids to go before/after school my first choice will always remain Josie’s Daycare! – Andrea O, former Josephine employee and Josie’s family

The staff at Josephine’s are really wonderful and we’ve remained in contact with several of them, even though our daughter has been out of daycare for over a year. They care and have loved our kid like one of their own. It’s hard to leave your child with someone else, but knowing they’re with someone who really loves them makes it easier. – Sharon S, former Josie’s family